The Tackle

For the fishing rods, reels and lines, we suggest a #5 or #6 weight fly rod with weight forward floating lines. Sinking tip also can be used for the brookies in the Lake.

For the Atlantic Salmon rods, reels and lines, we suggest a #9 weight fly Rod with floating lines.

Leaders should be about 9′ – 10′ long and have a 4-8-pound test. Your reel backing should be about 125 yards. 

As for trout flies, only single barbless hooks are permitted, we have many proven patterns, but we encourage you to bring your favorites. We do sell Flies at the Lodge $4 each.


Flies for Brook Trout:
  • Micky Finn
  • Muddlers
  • Green Drakes, #6, #8
  • Brown Drakes
  • Black, brown, tan and olive dry flies when drakes are hatching
  • Orange, Grey, Blue and Brown Bugs, all of various sizes
  • Other assorted trout dry flies (i.e. Royal Wulff)
  • May fly
  • Salmon Bugs
  • Orange Bombers
  • Black rabbit strip leach
  • Olive rabbit strip leach
  • Salmon bombers work sometimes
  • Bead head nymphs, #8 – #12; hares’ ear, pheasant tail are good choices
  • Black gnat
 Flies for Atlantic Salmon: (if the salmon migration is available, optional fly-out)
  • Blue Charm
  • Green Machine
  • Bugs and Bumble Bee
  • Black Bear Green Butt
  • Thunder & Lightening
Flies for Northern Pike
  • Large mice patterns
  • Frog patterns
  • Green bunny leaches
  • Purple bunny leaches
Flies for Arctic Char
  • Blood Midge (Red bead head) #8


Latex landing nets are available at our lodge


Other Supplies to Bring

Fishing License(s) Trout License can be purchased at the Lodge
Warm clothes (We suggest bringing clothes you can layer)
Hip and/or chest waders 
Rain Gear
Bug jacket 
Insect repellent 
Camera and extra batteries 
Pocket knife 
Fishing tackle 
Salmon flies (single barbless hooks only)
Fishing rods, reels and lines 
Polaroid Sunglasses 
Personal gear