The spectacular brook trout fishing offered at Igloo is just waiting for the avid angler to cast their line. We’ve spent many hours fishing the pools of Igloo Lake. Our guests’ fish remote and exclusive waters accessible only by float plane or helicopter. We’re sure if you are an old pro or novice, you’ll catch & release many brookies in the 5 to 6-pound range and perhaps some 8-10 pounders!

Igloo Lake Lodge is a world class destination where you can fish for some of the biggest and healthiest brook trout populations on the planet. We fish in the lake, the River system which is only minutes from the Lodge and we also hike to nearby ponds. Aircraft charters are available to these nearby ponds for those who do not wish to walk-Additional charges will apply. Our success in having an abundance of Huge Brookies is attributed to our 100% catch and release policy implemented about 20 years ago. It does work and the results are evident at Igloo Lake Lodge.

Fishing in the lake you can expect to catch brookies that range from 5-7 lbs, although it is not uncommon to catch Brookies 8lbs or larger. It’s a big lake with lots of room to move around and fish different spots. Our guides are very experienced and knowledgeable; they are eager to help guest find those huge brookies! We do have Northern Pike in Certain areas of the Lake; they are very aggressive, feed on almost anything and are a blast to catch on fly rod. Northern Pike can range from 5-20lbs.

River/Stream fishing is great at Igloo as well. Guests can expect lots of action with Brookies ranging from 1-3 lbs, and not uncommon to catch Brookies 5 lbs or larger. 2020 we saw some 9+ lb Brookies in the stream. The stream is located next to the lodge and runs about a mile and half down to another pond that we hike and fish.

What makes Igloo Lake Lodge unique is our optional fly-outs for Arctic char and Atlantic Salmon. For the fly-outs we utilize our 1951 DHC-2 Beaver Aircraft. Payments and booking for the optional fly-out are made upon arrival in Goose Bay or at the lodge.

The Arctic char fly-out is a full day excursion. We fly 2 hrs north to the base of the Torngat Mountains, fish in knee deep water over a school of 800-1000 Char. Guests can expect to catch Arctic Char ranging from 5-12 lbs…….It’s an unbelievable experience! 

The Atlantic Salmon Fly-out is a full day excursion as well. We fly 20 minutes South West to Owl Brook, located on the Upper Eagle River. During this awesome experience guest can fish for Atlantic Salmon in the 20-25lb range. Get ready for an amazing day!