Hello…….I’m Russell Furguson (age 14) & I love fly fishing!
This week at Igloo Lake Lodge was amazing! There wasn’t a day my Dad & grandfather and I didn’t catch any fish. There is a groundhog called “MoMo” that lives under the Labrador Room and he/she likes crackers and bread. I gained trust with MoMo and got her/him on my lap and I put my hand on MoMo. Our guides Edwin & Alvin are my new best friends along with Jim. Ed tought me how to dry fly fish and one the last night I caught four ( 2 to 6.5 pounds) on the dry fly. Alvin showed me how to eat spruce gum off the spruce trees.

Special thanks to our cook Rosie. She has made wonderful meals and became a really close friend to me. Rosie – thanks so much for my Igloo Lake guide shirt – I cannot stop waering it!

And I cannot forget about my buddy Jim, he has been with us from the beginning to the end. Thanks so much for inspiring me to become a pilot and fly the Beaver.

Tight Lines!

PS….. Thank you Jim for letting me fly the Beaver! I cannot wait to come back!