We lost a day getting in due to weather but made up for it with keen guides and a good cook (Darlene). We fished Archies, Sisters, Cabin Pool, and the stream connecting them getting brook trout 6.5 pounds at 21.5 inches.
Two of our younger team members trekked to Dorothy Lake in chest neopreme waders – 3 miles & 1.5 hours one way with guide colin. They got no trout but saw large fish rise.
We fished Burton’s pond 3 days and the 4 of us caught +/- 20 each trip, mostly in the 3 to 4 pound range. The largest 3 brookies we caught there was 5 to 6 ½ pounds (22 ¼ inches) each less chuncky than at igloo or its outlet.
In Igloo, trolling produced only two trout in 3 days by one or more boats but casting was much more productive by those same boats. In Igloo we got only 11 trout but they were much heavier for their length than in Burton’s Pond, running from 2.5 pounds to 10.4 pounds, most wereb 4.5 pounds to 7 pounds. The 10.4 pound brookie was 26 inches in length and had a girth of 17 7/8 inches and was a beautiful red bellied male just like the old chap that caught it. The photo’s prove that the trout was indeed more handsome than the angler – who got it on a 10 pound test leader. The big 10 pound trout took in 4 feet of water and fought hard as a 10 pound Salmon rubbing the leader against a boulder once. It took 15 minutes to land and will be a new world record on a 10 pound test leader. Alvin Thatchell was the guide to the monster trout.
Jim Burton was extremely accomodating & hospitable and runs a world class operation on a world class lake!